• Creative Talents

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    A pool of in-house creative talents and associated artists would help a client in concept, storyboard, and artistic approach to prepare a project for production that not only stands out in design out but also reach the target market of client effectively.
  • Production Management

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    || Pre-Production: administration, procurement, red tape, formalities, approvals, and logistics of clients' projects. || Production: assisting and supporting clients' crew to produce their projects smoothly and on schedule. || Post-Production: editing, special effects, and rendering of project for client.
  • Post Production

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    || Software/hardware: post production facilities available for clients to use the AM Studio's software/hardware to complete their own projects.

    || Subtitling: available in many languages for clients' projects.
  • Graphic Design

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    Production of high quality graphic designs for client's catalogue, brochure, and/or any other print project of any size, tailor-made for the target markets of the client.
  • Set Design

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    AM Studio's technical crew can provide the clients with both idea of a set design and/or implementation and execution of a set design project from A to Z according to clients' requirements.
  • Costume Design

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    The Studio is capable of in-house designing and producing a costume from the scratch for the client or can manage the project via its associate costume designers .
  • Hair Styling

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    Utilizing high quality hair products and specialized hair stylist AM Studio can actually turn a normal person into a fashion model.
  • Professional Make-up

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    In-house make-up room facilities and accessories plus artistic professional service of the Studio would cater to the specific needs of clients' image enhancing concerns.
  • Subtitling

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    Subtitling soft and hardware plus multilingual staff available or clients' projects of any size and format.
  • Equipment

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    Complete line of equipment including a variety of professional cameras; lighting equipment, and post production facilities, and AM Studio's constantly-updated line of special accessories aimed for land, air, and marine shooting projects; are all available for rent.
  • Studio Space

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    Our spacious and high-ceiling green room (around Sqm 140 area with over 5 meters high) is an ideal set for indoor shooting providing enough space to aim at a product or an on-stage event from many angles. Broad gate can also provide easy access for indoor shooting of a vehicle.
  • Technical Crew

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    Cameramen, gaffers, and other technical and administrative crew to help in daily requirements of producing a project, are available for short-term lease.
  • Sound Box

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    Aspiring performers and sound engineers can rent our sound box space and facilities for their entire project's period.